The Licensing Act of 1828

The Licensing Act of 1828 (Anno Nono Georgii IV Regis Cap LXI) - An Act to Regulate the granting of Licences to Keepers of Inns, Alehouses, and Victualling Houses, in England. [15th July 1828] was an Act of Parliament tidying up all the legislation passed in the previous 276 years. Under section 35 they provided a comprehensive schedule of all previous Acts or parts of Acts that they were repealing.

NB Explanation of Regnal Years and Calendar years is given at the start of the article 'Licensing Acts'

5 & 6 Ed 6 c25

1552 28/1/1551 ns - 27/1/1553 ns

An Act for Keepers of Alehouses and Tippling Houses to be bound by Recognizances

1 Jac 1 c9

1603-4 24/3/1603 ns - 23/3/1604 ns

An Act to restrain the inordinate haunting and tippling in Inns, Alehouses, and other Victualling Houses

4 Jac 1 c 4


An Act to restrain the Utterance of Beer & Ale to Alehouse Keepers and Tipplers not licensed

4 Jac 1 c 5


An Act for repressing the odious and loathsome Sin of drunkenness

7 Jac 1 c10


An Act for Reformation of Alehouse Keepers

21 Jac 1 c7


and so much of An Act for the better Repressing of Drunkenness, and restraining the inordinate haunting of Inns, Alehouses, and other Victualling Houses, as provides, that any Person being an Alehouse Keeper, and who shall be convicted of any Offence against the said Act, shall be disabled from keeping an Alehouse for Three Years;

1 Car 1 c4

1625-26 27/3/1625 ns - 26/3/1626 ns

An Act for the further Restraint of tippling in Inns, Alehouses and other Victualling Houses

3 Car 1 c3


An Act for better suppressing of unlicensed Alehouse Keepers

9 Geo 2 c23 s 14,15,20

1735-36 11/6/1735 ns - 10/6/1736 ns

and so much of an Act for laying a Duty upon the Retailers of Spirituous Liquors, and for licensing the Retailers thereof, as relates to the licensing of such Retailers, and to the Conviction of Persons selling Liquors by Retail without a Licence, and to the summoning of Excise Officers, for the more easy Discovery of such Offenders

24 Geo 2 c40 s24


and so much of an Act for granting an additional Duty upon Spirituous Liquors, and other Purposes, as relates to the Fees of Justices Clerks

26 Geo 2 c13 s12


and so much of an Act for preventing the fraudulent Removal of Tobacco, and other Purposes, as prevents Justices of the peace in certain Cases from granting Licences

26 Geo 2 c31


An Act for regulating the Manner of Licensing Alehouses in the Part of Great Britain called England, and for the more easy convicting Persons selling Ale and other Liquors without Licence

28 Geo 2 c19 s 2


and so much of an Act as explains a clause in the last-mentioned Act

29 Geo 2 c12 s23 & 24


and so much of an Act for granting to His majesty a Duty upon Licences for retailing Beer, Ale, and other exciseable Liquors, and for the establishing a Method for granting such Licences in Scotland, and for allowing such Licences to be granted at a Petty Sessions in England, in a certain case therein mentioned, as relates to continuing and renewing Licences.

30 Geo 2 c24 s14


and so much of an Act for (among other Purposes) preventing Gaming in Public Houses by Journeymen, Labourers, Servants, and Apprentices, as imposes a Penalty on the Keeper of Public Houses for suffering Gaming

5 Geo 3 c46 s20,21,22


and so much of an Act for altering the Stamp Duties upon Admissions into Corporations and Companies, and for further securing and improving the Stamp Duties in Great Britain as requires Retailers of exciseable Liquors to exhibit their Licences and Clerks of the Peace to deliver Lists of persons Licensed, and altering the Punishment of such Retailers selling without a License

32 Geo 3 c59


An Act to amend so much of Two Acts made in the Twenty-sixth and Twenty-ninth Year of the reign of His late Majesty King George the Second, as relates to thelicensing of Alehouse Keepers and Victuallers, and for better regulating Alehouses and the Manner of granting such Licences in future, and also of granting Licenses to Persons selling Wines to be drunk in their Houses

38 Geo 3 c54 s13


and so much of an Act to amend several Laws of Excise relating to Coachmakers, Auctioneers, Beer & Cider exported, Certificates and debentures, Stamps on Hides and Skins, Drawbacks on Wines and Sweets, and Ale and Beer Licences, as exempts from the foregoing Penalty Persons selling Beer or Ale above certain Quantities

39 Geo 3 c86


An Act for ascertaining the Rate of Duty to be paid for Retail Spirit Licences, and for authorising the Justices of the Peace for any County to grant Licences to sell Ale, Beer or other Liquors by Retail, in Cities and Places where a sufficient Number of Magistrates cannot be found qualified to grant such licences.

48 Geo 3 c143 s 7,10


and so much of an Act to repeal the Stamp Duties on Licences granted by Justices of the Peace for selling Ale, Beer and other exciseable Liquors by Retail, and for granting other Duties in lieu thereof, as relates to the Form of Justices Licences, and to Justice Clerks Fees.

4 Geo 4 c125 s1-6


and so much of an Act for altering the Time for holding General Annual Meetings for licensing Alehouses within the County of Middlesex, and for authorizing the Justices of the Peace for the said County to remunerate High Constables, as alters the Time for holding such Meetings, and for giving Notices of applying for licences for Houses not before licensed,

Shall be and the same are hereby repealed; except only such Parts of any of the said Acts as repeal any former Acts or Parts of Acts, and except also , that all Licences granted and Recognizances entered into unto the said Acts hereby repealed or any of them, or under an Act [3 G 4 c77 ] passed in the Third Year of His present Majesty’s Reign intituled An Act for amending the Laws for regulating the Manner of licensing Alehouses in that Part of the United Kingdom called England, and for the more effectually preventing Disorders therein, shall remain in full force and virtue until the End of the Terms for which such Licences and recognizances respectively have been or shall be granted or entered into (etc)

Compiled by Jim Packer

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