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If you would like to suggest a link please contact us Member Bob Thompson's site full of pub tours both local and overseas. A site dedicated to the history of Hasting s and surrounding area pubs

Dr Patrick Chaplin Renowned darts, games and pub history writer and historian

Taverns and Towns Liz Garibay is our US contact from Chicago. See her Tales,

Label Collection. The International Society for Label Collectors and Brewery Research

History of Yeovil Pubs. An extensive site with over 700 images.

Gloucester pubs. Geoff Sandle's site about Gloucestershire pubs.

Old pub photos compiled by Bob Osborn, A display of photos worth a look.

Shoulder of Mutton in Crick. The history of The Shoulder of Mutton at Crick may be of interest. Prior to being a pub, the building which dates back to the 1600's is likely to have been 2 stone 1 bedroom thatched cottages, and a wool warehouse. An additional storey was added during the conversion to a pub - sometime before 1842. In 1970, the brewery sold the building and half the grounds for use as a private residence

Scottish Brewing Archive Association

Otley Pub Club is an organisation created by local pub supporters and local publicans. It is free to join for all those who love Otley's famous pubs. Lots of photos and details of the lost pubs of the town.

Beerinprint has one of the largest range of beer, pub and associated publications for sale anywhere. Proprietor Paul Travis will be only too glad to hear from you.

The Ancient Order of Frothblowers. What's it all about? See the Friends of the Frothblowers website for enlightenment!

Brewery History Society. If you are researching a brewery, this is the place to find help.

Gloucester Pubs. A splendid site by Darrel Kirby. Just about everything you need to know about pubs in the area.

Inn Sign Society. The Society has a membership of over 300 persons. Membership is open to all persons interested in discovering information about inn signs and pub names - collectively referred to as inn-signia.

Midlands Pubs. This website aims to record and preserve the histories of the pubs, inns, taverns and breweries of the Midlands' region. There is an emphasis on Birmingham and the Black Country, however other towns and places are featured

Victorian London Taverns, Inns and Public Houses. A listing of London pubs from the 1881 census. by John Hitchcock  Pubs of Manchester. A blog which will grow into something more in time

The Lost Pubs Project: Charting The Decline Of The British Pub 15,653 lost pubs listed

Brewery Trays! If you've every wanted to know about trays from breweries this is the place!

Save the Royal Oak in Dunkswell. Video on Youtube

David Muggleton's pub history photos on Flickr

Hotmog's Vintage British Breweriana A site devoted to vintage British breweriana - especially beer engines and beer-pump handles from the Victorian era.

Wiltons Music Hall Wilton's is the world's oldest, surviving Grand Music Hall and London's best kept secret

Wiltons Music Hall Needs you help! Pictures the PHS visit to Wiltons June 2011

Old Glasgow Pubs A history of Glasgow's pubs and publicans

Preston's Inns, Taverns And Beerhouses One man's attempt to recreate part of Preston's social life and times

London pubs in the 1890's - transcripts from Charles Booth's notebooks

Charles Booth undertook a wide-ranging survey into life in London during the 1890's. He interviewed people from all walks of life including  brewers and publicans. These transcripts can be read here...

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