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PHS MembersMembership of the Society is open to all. Whether you enjoy visiting unspoilt or historic pubs, researching your local or have more wide ranging interests such as collecting pub memorabilia, being a member will put you in touch with likeminded individuals.

So what do you get as a member of the Pub History Society?

Firstly, you'll receive our quarterly newsletter. Our Editor Chris Murray seems to be able to fill our little publication with many varied articles. From the game of Bumble Puppy once played in pubs to inns and taverns used by Freemasons. Add to this the occasional diversion into temperance and the odd historical snippet and you have a newsletter worthy of the membership fee alone. We even print the thing in colour for you now.

So what else do you get? You will also have access to our Member's only website where you will be able to access more articles and past issues of our newsletters. We also have a Bibliography containing many hundreds of publications which you may find useful.

Other benefits

Free promotion of member's publications. If you've published a book about pubs then we would be only too happy to publicise the fact. We will offer a one off inclusion of a flyer for your book in our newsletter mailing. (You'll have to provide the flyer for us).

Free webpage for member's publication on website. If you've published your book we can provide you with a webpage dedicated to it as long as your membership continues. Just send us the words and pictures and we'll do the rest.

20% discount on the services of a professional researcher if you need to have some in depth digging done.
See here for details.

Types of membership

Full Membership is £16 per year.

Internet Membership only is £8 per year

Full Members receive a colour printed newsletter and Internet Members are granted access to the Members Only site where the current newsletter can be downloaded. All members can access the Member's Only site and download past newsletters as PDF files.


  • Our Membership Year begins in April and is renewable in April.

  • If you join half way through the year, don't worry as we'll send the newsletters you've missed.
  • When April arrives you will be sent a renewal form for the full year. This way it is easier to send out renewals and keeps our paperwork nice and simple!

Sounds like a good idea, sign me up!

There are two ways you can apply and pay for membership firstly you can download the PDF application form, fill this in and send to the address below with your cheque or your can use our online PayPal payment method details are below.

Members Application Form

  Member Application Form


Fill it in, write us a cheque made payable to 'Pub History Society' and post it to:

The Pub History Society,
16 Bramble Close,


If you prefer you can purchase your membership online.

Online payment. If you would like to join and would like to pay via PayPal you can do it here. Please first select the type of membership you wish to purchase. i.e. Full Membership (UK based), Internet

  PHS Membership Subscription
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Please select membership type Full Membership £16.00 GBP Internet Membership £8.00 GBP

* Joining the Pub History Society requires your details to be stored on a computer. Becoming a Member implies that you have agreed to this.

** You will be sent a members login via email. Please allow 48 hours for your account to be fully set up.

Membership Renewal

You can renew your Membership here:

Renew Existing Membership

Please select membership type Full Membership £16.00 GBP Internet Membership £8.00 GBP

N.B. Should your renewal fail for some reason, please use the New Members' "Buy Now" button above and Admin will resolve the issue in due course.


If you feel inclined to further support the PHS you can make an on line donation here:

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  • Membership

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