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Some articles from previous newsletters

  • Dialing for a drink: A look at a curious way of ordering drinks in one pub in the 1960's

  • At every table in the lounge a special selector unit fitted with a telephone dial would be placed. All of the items on the drinks menu such as beers, spirits, cigarettes and cigars were given a two digit code, for instance if you fancied a shandy, 75 would be dialled and if your preferred tipple was a Babycham then dialling 17 would ensure you got it .......more

  • The Artichoke, East London: A family at war:

    The Duggan family, lived in Wapping in the Borough of Stepney were drinking in one of their local pubs during the Blitz. Patsy Duggan, home on leave, was playing the piano whilst soldiers, sailors and dockers danced with their partners to his music. A doodlebug came down and struck the ARP post next door to the pub and the air was immediately filled with ‘suffocating fumes.....more

  • The Tin Pub - the drinking canteen in the temporary settlement of Birchinlee, Derbyshire

  • It has now largely been forgotten and little evidence of its existence remains. However, the Derwent Canteen, constructed with corrugated iron, did once exist in the temporary settlement of Birchinlee in the Derwent Valley, near Bamford. This is an account of the 15-year history of an institution that I have nicknamed ‘The Tin Pub’.   .....more
  • Wilton's Music Hall needs your help

  • Wilton’s is the oldest surviving Grand Music Hall in the world and started life as the Prince of Denmark pub. It  is crumbling away before our very eyes. Recent news that the Trustees who run the venue have had their lottery bid refused makes the situation worse. Without this funding the future of the building is in jeopardy ....more

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